Losing My Virginity

After a weekend of work and no play I decided to write about losing my virginity. Firstly before I start this blog, looking back I wish I hadn’t of been so young when I had sex for the first time and I do not condone under age sex, but this is my story of what has happened to me.

I was 12 when I had sex for the first time. I had just started form two at Tauranga Intermediate and Jennifer had been my girlfriend for over a year. Jennifer was a year older than me; I met her at school camp as both our classes went together. We snuck out after everyone was asleep and made out in the toilets; I thought I was so cool.  I shared a lot of firsts with Jennifer. She was the first girl that said she liked me, first girl I held hands with, first girl I kissed, first girl I went on a date with and first girl that I introduced to my parents.

Jennifer was now form three at High school. She had a lot of older friends that were in form four and five who used to brag that they always have sex with their boyfriends. So I guess Jennifer decided it was time for us to have sex because she didn’t want to be that awkward girl in her group that didn’t do anything.

I knew what sex was and had walked in on my mum and dad before but never had thought much of it. Dad had also taped over my Robocop video with hardcore porn which I had stumbled upon when I was looking to watch my video which I have spoken about in an older blog. That freaked me out seeing intense close ups of vaginas, that looked disgusting. At the same time soft-core porn would be screened on sky tv at midnight. I would wait up for that some nights and sneak into the lounge and put a duvet over me and the TV, as the TV lit up the whole room. I was fascinated by how easy they made it to sleep with girls. Does a pizza boy really get that lucky?!

Jennifer and I would meet up at the nearby park after school which is a great spot to make out as its covered in trees. One day we were shoving our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths and she started rubbing my pants. I was appalled at first. “What are you doing!?” I asked. She said not to worry, that it will feel good in a minute. By now we were lying down, she was on top of me when she moved down to perform oral sex on me. It felt exciting. She pulled down my shorts and boxers and started giving me Head. Then she stopped and whispered in my ear “do you have a condom”. Luckily we had just done sex education at school and I had a couple in my school bag. I did not have a clue how to put it on; I thought I had to put my balls in it too. It felt really sore at first and within 2 minutes it was all over, in the end we both finished feeling satisfied with a taste of what sex will feel like in the future for us – now that we were no longer virgins.

The more we practiced the more I realized what to do; we would meet at the park for about another two months. I felt like a stud and would show off to my mates about it, they couldn’t even talk to girls and I was having sex with one! Everything seemed perfect until one of Jennifer’s older friends started giving her shit because she was going out with a boy from intermediate. We didn’t have cell phones back then so I got a phone call at dinner one night and it was Jennifer. “I can’t see you anymore, goodbye” she hung up and as quick and blunt as that I was dumped and devastated. That ended my first sexual experience.