Gone Bush

Abstinence August is well and over, thank God Sex Please September is here! Looking up sex words for that title; ‘Sex Please September’ is the best I could come up with, others considered were: 

  1. September’s Sti’s
  2. Syphilis September
  3. September Scabies

They all sounded good if I was going to Hamilton and not planning on wearing a condom, but no I am staying away from H-town this month, keeping it local here in Tauranga. 

With a fresh new batch of tourists arriving on working holidays to soak up as much of our summer as they possibly can. A huge amount of new tinder profiles have been popping up! Living by the beach here, it’s an attractive place for tourists to come work and play every summer. Anyway, I got a sweet tinder match on Wednesday and immediately started messaging this chick. She had just arrived here from Banbury in the UK on a working holiday (loving it). We were getting on well sending messages the rest of Wednesday and by Thursday she gave me her number (Go Mullie!). Thursday night the texting quickly developed into sexting. Looking back on the messages “I’m rubbing myself” text from her is how things started. After a bit of back and forth messaging one from me saying “I’m so hard for you right now”. I wasn’t at all hard though, I was playing battlefield on the PS4 but going along with her texts at the same time. She then asked if we could send a picture each, great! I thought “I’m half way through a fucking online game and now I have to stop and wake my old fella up to take a dick picture!” Sent the dick pic and she sent me back a picture of her very very un groomed vagina, Jesus christ this isn’t the fucking 70’s I thought. “Send me another” she texted, what the hell does a guy send once a dick pic has been sent??? Girls have the luxury of having 3 great assets for sexting; bum, boobs and vag. In this case a fucking monster hairy minge. Surely to god she doesn’t want a photo of my hairy arse. Me being the photo genius I took a photo from a different angle of my dick, sent it and she loved it.

We arranged to meet up last night in town for a drink. Heading in I was a little nervous hoping she had gotten her weed whackers out and dealt to that afro puff down there. We met up and got on like a house on fire, her banter was top notch and her accent made her even more attractive. After what felt like a dozen or more drinks she asked if I would like to come back to her place. Me being the gentlemen I am I said no and that we should get to know each other better first….joking! “fuck yeah keen as” was my response. We pulled up at the local backpackers where she was renting a room for the summer and immediately started the rough and tumble. Completely forgetting about her huge bush, I pulled her undies off in preparation to give her a tounge tickle down there when whoosh! The huge fucking bush protruded out in all its glory. Now this wasn’t just a little fluff, this was a fucking HUGE amount of hair, already committed I began to give her a lick, every time I swallowed whist down there I could feel hairs on my tongue. I tried to make it as quick as possible but she was loving it, “ohhh Sean don’t stop” she moaned. After awhile I said “I have to stop” looking down at me she asked “why, oh my god it feels so good”. I replied quite frankly with “Because its like a garden down here and I have a mouthful of hair.” Luckily she laughed and we had sex which was great. After it was all said and done I might have convinced her to shave or at least maintain her bush. Job well done 👍

Well thats it from me, hopefully I will be seeing more of her while she is here on her working holiday which will be great and hopefully more blogs to come as a result!