Dominatrix Date Recap

“A welted back, candle burnt doodle and a sore bloody anus” – @Mullied 01/04/2016 That tweet right there sums up my Domintraix Date from this past Friday, fucking painful and every bit as shocking as I had imagined. This women I had met on the NZ dating site, she wasn’t looking for Mr Right. As it turns out she was looking for a whipping boy. Her profile stated she liked to physically dominate men which intrigued me, we got talking and I quickly found out she was a dominatrix. I automatically thought “well fuck this could make for a great live tweet and also a blog”. Little did I know how much some of these dominatrix’s like to punish their poor counter parts.


After a quick feed from KFC Tauranga (best one around) I went back to my flat and drunk some courage into me and let me tell you it took a lot more than normal for the nervousness of going through with this date.




So after memorising what the safe words were and making sure not to mix up Grandpa with fucking Uncle, off to her place I went. I was greeted by this forty year old in a full latex get up when I answered the door.

“Get in here, take your clothes off and put on this mask, NOW!” she commanded in character.

“yes madam” I replied, trying to get in the swing of it but feeling like a twat.


As I entered the room to take my clothes off she had set up the bed with candles and a fucking wet blanket, all I could think was if she is thinking about taking a piss on me I would be out of there quick smart.

“Get on your knees now!” she beckoned “don’t look at me, you have been a naughty boy and now it’s time for a lashing”

She instructed me to bend over the bed, she began whipping me with her leather whip. I would love to say it was nice but she was whipping the fucking shit out of me, even with me saying Aunty (ease up). After a couple of very  brief stops I thought fuck it lets see how sadistic she wants to be “that all I’m getting? thought I was a naughty boy, Grandpa (harder) bitch” I said to her.

“Silence!!! You don’t talk to me with that potty mouth” she said, and with that she wound up her fucking whip and cracked it over my back a dozen times until I had to say Uncle (stop) to her amusement.


She served me up a drink in a metal cup and forced me to drink it. It tasted strong like a mix between jagermeister, absinthe and pineapple juice, what ever it was made me feel pretty numb. After polishing off the cup she snatched it off me “break times over, now get on all fours on the bed” she said pointing to the bed. So here I was balls dangling freely, hairy arse open for the world to see. After about 5 minutes she comes back in but she’s not alone – she has a big BLACK STRAP ON connected to her costume.

“OH FUCK THAT” I said breaking character

“Silence! This is happening, slowly but surely you are getting this” she said.

I started thinking what the fuck am I doing, what the fuck am I doing?! I feel a cold sensation on my bum; I turn around and she is bathing me in anus relaxant lube!


“Here it comes” she said in a softer tone

“Arhhhhhh” I yelp, every inch this thing goes in makes me feel more and more like someone is shoving a shit back up my arse that I had just finished crapping out. She then started going back and forth so now it felt like a poo was coming out and then nope nope its going back bloody in. “I can’t take this anymore uncle uncle uncle, get it out” I tell her and thank god she does.


“You are such a fucking pussy” she said sounding let down at me piking on the black dildo punishment. Without letting me have a break so my arsehole could settle down from the shock of what happened, she spins me around and lays me down on my back. Here we go I thought finally all this fucking punishment is about to pay off. Wishful fucking thinking as she begins to pour hot candle wax on me, starting at my chest she pours the wax down into my belly button and then that’s when it happened. She fucking sneezes and a bit of candle wax gets on my poor little doodle, “ARRRRRHHHHHHH UNCLE, NO FUCK IT, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH” I say, standing up and getting changed

Breaking character she said “Oh that wasn’t supposed to happen, sorry”

“Well it bloody did, I thought you were about to have sex with me not pour hot candle wax over me” I said annoyed at how this night had turned out

“Sex? No no no I don’t have sex with my subjects” she said, well fuck me she could have told me this over Facebook I thought. I picked up my things, thanked her for a weird night and got the fuck out of there as quickly as I could waddle with my arse feeling like it had just been fucked by 100 men.


Word of advice if you are thinking about getting into the world of Dominatrix – do your research. There are all different types apparently – and a lot of them don’t come with a bloody happy ending as poor old Mully found out.

The next few days my back wept out a lot of blood, luckily a week on its almost finally healed, thank fuck!