Hangover Cures

As I lay in bed with the taste of last night’s regrets on my tongue, I can hear my head pounding and I start googling ‘hangover cures’. I guess many others have been in this predicament too because a number of remedies came up and yahoo questions on the topic came up too. I have tried a million different things to stop a bad hangover in its tracks and thought I would share a few with you guys.

Water. After a night of boozing I usually feel dehydrated so before actually going to bed I skull a 750ml bottle of water, which seems to make the hangover not feel as bad the next day.

Powerade Blue: This stuff is good; although slightly overrated here in New Zealand, known as ‘the best thing for a hangover’. It does make me feel a lot fresher but still only ever so slightly helps with the pounding head.

Energy Drink. After smashing fizzy drink after fizzy drink the last thing I feel like the next day is more fizzy drink, especially an energy drink that tastes like an RTD. On a positive note the caffeine in it wakes me up a bit, but the crash two hours later is the WORST!

Alcohol. I have woken up a few times and carried on drinking this made the following days hangover the worst ever.

Fry up. Drinking too much alcohol can eliminate your body’s supply of potassium and calcium. Having a fry up with hash browns, eggs and bacon is an excellent way to get the stuff back.

The best best best thing for a hangover I have tired is probably pretty controversial, but the best thing I have used for a hangover is an antidepressant pill called Lorazepam. My old flat mate had a tone of them and he suggested trying one after a night of boozing. I tried it and within half an hour my head was clear and I was good to go.

Well that is it from me! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!