Breaking Up

I got asked the other day by my mate, “how do I end this relationship?” Before I answered I started to think back on how I had ended things with my ex’s. Probably the easiest way I have found is to say “I just don’t love you anymore” its honest and up front. At the end of the day after all the hurt has gone a girl usually respects you for being honest. A lot of guys have trouble with this though and in the past, myself included. I had one girlfriend that was such hard work; constantly texting me when I was with my mates always asking if I’m cheating on her and getting angry if I hadn’t texted back within a minute. I would always try to break up with her but she wouldn’t have a bar of it and I would cave. Eventually I ended up deliberately leaving my Facebook open at her place with messages I had typed to a girls account I had made. That worked a bloody treat! Girls hate nothing more than a cheat and I can handle being labelled that by her, I just wanted to break up with the crazy bitch!

Here are a few different ways I’ve broken up with someone:

  • Text her. (depending on how deep into the relationship it is) Just slip her a text saying ‘I can’t do this anymore’. A pretty douche way to get the job done and will probably leave her in the dark but at least you will be single.017
  • Cheat on her, yes I have done this and if you have a good collection of something prepare for it to get smashed if she finds out…RIP my wrestling DVD collection. I will rebuild you.
  • Sit her down and let it all out. This can go around in a circle though and suddenly you can be working things out with her before you know it.
  • Suddenly stop talking to her, texting her and block her on Facebook. I did this to a chick I was dating for two weeks. As far as she knows we are still together although it’s been four years!

Being with girls that have been broken up with badly by guys I’ve seen how much of a wall a girl can put up from it, so being as gentle as possible seems to be the best way. Girls like a truthful explanation that doesn’t leave them with too many questions even though it might be so simple to me as to why.

Well I’m taking my Guru Mulligan hat off now and starting to pack for an eventful weekend in Taupo! Go The AB’s and Go the Kiwis!