One Night Stand Tips

I thought I would write a blog on tips to getting a one night stand, and what to do when you have one. Being the self proclaimed Kiwi Cassanova (Just thought that up now :p) I thought I would share my tips on one night stands and how to keep them as just that.

Firstly getting ready to go to town; instead of using wax or gel in my hair I wash it and put lube through it. Yes you heard that right, i style my hair with KY jelly lubrication. When you get back to a girls house the last thing you want is a dry vagina, and instead of having to bring a bottle of bloody lube into town I came up with the brilliant idea of putting it through my hair, and it works a treat!

If you are really just looking for a tap and gap and don’t really want it going anywhere past a one night slam, I mean stand, don’t make it the best sex of her life. Be selfish, if she gives you oral don’t give it back! Finish early, don’t pace yourself just do the ol’ five minute job. I even make the comment sometimes saying “whoa I bet my best time” This will make her think “what the fuck?! This is his best time, jesus”. These things will definitely make it hard for her to ask for your number and if she does just give her your mates number. I have my mates number lodged into my brain.

If you really like the girl your taking home now thats a different story! It seems easier to make a girl not want to see you again than want to, and it takes alot of ground work. Be interested in what they are talking about, once you have them in bed make it the best sex they have ever had! Oral, different moves, caressing there face while kissing them. Making it as intimate as possible will practically make them cough up there phone number right after sex, if they don’t you have done something wrong.

Well thats it from me, if you ever see me in town don’t touch the hair unless you want a handful of lube to go!