A boy or man comes to a point in his life when he looks down at his neither region and thinks ‘jeez that’s a bit hairy!’ Manscaping is what it’s generally referred to and if you are in your late teens or twenties, surely you have manscaped. If you haven’t I have a couple of tips before you decide to pick up ya mums razor to start pruning your pube bush.

A wise man once said ‘a little less lawn makes the tree appear taller’. Make it look natural. Firstly, do not use a razor! Girls get away with the shaven look, it’s hot. Real hot. I’m pretty sure if I was a girl and a guy pulled his pants down to show a bald doodle I would run for the hills! It just looks super weird. Also you’re likely to get ingrown hairs.

Using wax or that cream stuff will likely end in blood, sweat and a nasty rash. It usually doesn’t work very well anyway. All I use is the good old scissors, making sure not to cut anything off. Although I have attempted to cut the hair off my balls one time when I was drunk and gave the poor old sack cut. Don’t drink and snip!

Luckily I don’t have hair on my chest, although if I did I would probably give that Nads cream a go. I would never ever ever ever touch the hair under my arms after seeing what happened to a guy in my rugby team. He shaved under his arms and all that friction from sweat and what not created disgusting boils of puss and sweat under his arms, it was so sick!

That’s it for Tattooed Mulligans Friday quickie. Enjoy ya weekend and remember – Play hard, shag harder!

See you Monday!