Lake Weekend

It is a rare occurrence that my mates and I are all single at the same time, at least one of us is in a serious relationship trying to play boyfriend and girlfriend. But last week out of the blue my mate Tim texted me “I’m free bro, the shackles are off.” Now Tim is a type of guy that needs companionship, he fucking struggles to function without it so when he told me he was single I was in two minds about it. On one hand I was happy I had my night clubbing bro back but on the other hand I was concerned he was going to find it hard to cope with no woman to make sure he wipes his arse. After a kiwi style heart to heart that went like this:

Me: “you sure you all good bro”

Tim: “yeah bro”

Me: “sweet”

Tim suggested getting away from Tauranga for the weekend to get his mind of his ex as he didn’t want to see her if we went out. So we decided to get the old crew together and head to the lake for the night on Saturday. As I pulled up to the car park at the Lake Okareka camping site just outside of Rotorua I had a feeling of freedom. No phone service meant I had to actually make proper conversation. Tents were as far as the eye could see, this looked awesome I thought. As we walked in there was a young looking guy moaning about the long drop toilets being disgusting to anyone that would listen. Mostly everyone I could see was about 20-30 with the odd few families as well but fuck me there looked like a fair bit of talent. There were empty cans and rubbish everywhere, which later on I found out was from a bunch of tourists who didn’t give a shit about our clean green country.

We arrived late so all the best tenting spots were taken, luckily a nice bunch of girls around our age rearranged their tents and let us tent in beside them, top chicks! There were four of us guys. We put our tent up and began to have a few drinks. The sun was beaming down which made the drinks go down that much easier. Before long it started to get dark. We all started missing having coverage on our phones like crazy so decided to venture into town for a feed of fish n chips. Once we got back to the campsite the majority of the people where drinking. We got back to our tent and soon got approached by a girl offering to buy a beer off us as she had run out. Me being such a lovely gentleman I gave her a beer and told her we didn’t want any money and to enjoy the drink. Well this made her so happy she stayed and drank with us. Soon her friends came over and drank with us too loving it.

After about an hour I looked around and noticed we all had a girl on our laps even Tim, how freaking cool was this. We decide to go into our tent and the girls followed. Luckily this tent was huge so we had our own rooms, we all started having sex. Well I know I did. This chick was lush and being a typical kiwi chick she certainly knew what she liked. After a while I could feel that I was sweating profusely but I didn’t want it to end! I was busting out some of my best moves on this girl, “go mully go” I thought then immediately thought “fuck I’m a dick”. After we finished it was so hot that for the rest of the night we slept out on the grass. As we lay there I could hear Tim and his girl still going at it which was fine but the thing that make me and my girl cringe was when we heard him finish. Tim was panting louder and louder until he let out this all mighty moan which sounded like a fucking dying moose. The next thing I know he comes waltzing out of the tent grinning from ear to ear “Fuck that was great” he said smiling even more “bro you sounded like a dying moose” I tell him. But he’s too happy to care and runs off stark naked into the lake. What a great bloody night and nothing bad happened. I could do with a few more of these type of nights!

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