Stripper Date Recap


If you plan a date out in your head and picture the best outcome possible, that was the date I had last night. It was a great date. So lets recap, firstly I met Kandi (that’s her stage name) on Facebook as I had seen that a Facebook page had been created for the local strip club here in Tauranga. So after a few clicks on their pictures I found a few of Kandi doing her thing on the pole, I don’t think I have ever clicked the add friend button as quickly as I did to add Kandi. After the initial “um do I know you?” message from her to the cheese dick “no but I would like to” reply from me,  we started chatting over Facebook for the last week or so. Now, trying to go on a date with Kandi was a mission as she works every night and I work during the day six days a week. After a bit of juggling on her behalf we agreed to meet on Friday after her evening shift finished up at 10pm.

While waiting for her to finish I went into town early and had a few beers with a work mate until his mrs decided it was time for him to come home. So from 9pm to 10pm poor old Mulligan was the lonely guy you see sitting at the bar having a conversation with the bloody bartender.1 After what felt like an eternity the clock finally struck 10 and it was off to meet her at the sports bar directly under the strip club where she worked.

I spotted her at the same time she spotted me – she hugged me and kissed me on the lips. Luckily I had already a few beers in me otherwise I would have been more shocked than I was. We hit it off really well, I asked her a tonne of questions about the industry she works in and tweeted a few answers that followers on twitter wanted to know.



She wasn’t shy in revealing some of her jobs more interesting features, including that one of the strippers regularly preforms extras in the private lap dance room as where they work is one of the only strip club she knows that doesn’t have a surveillance camera in the private room for the girls safety. Another thing to note is that 1 in 2 dancers have a crack habit, her words not mine.

After a couple of beers at the bar she decides she wants to go around the corner to where a local band she knows is playing as she wants to dance. Now I can’t dance to save myself but in the club I can usually get away with it as its dark, but not this time. 5We start dancing to this shite cover band she knows. She starts dirty dancing, grinding up against me as the band belted out a terrible bloody rendition of Summer Of  69. I had no idea what these other 5 people thought who were also dancing away but by god it was a little over the top.


So just after 12am we head back to mine, when I asked her I got a “yeah absolutely”. Wahoo what a great way to bring in my birthday with hopefully a birthday shag. We get back to mine and I put on a bit of wrestling as she said she hated it and me being an avid fan that annoyed me. After watching half a match I could tell she wanted to do a bit of wrestling herself especially after she did the splits to show me how flexible she is.522.jpg8

And with that last tweet we went to the bedroom. The sex was good but I guess I was expecting something crazy as she had talked herself up a lot. One thing to note about it is she sure can make her feet touch her bloody ears holy crap! In the morning we had another shag and then she goes on her merry way with me thinking fuck I really need to start wearing a bloody condom!



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