The Morally Wrong Date Recap

Well yesterday I decided to do another Mulligan Live Date tweet session. This would be my third one and to be honest I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of what could be a potentially boring as shite date with boring arse tweets about how great the food is, I wanted to do something a little mean. 12212134_10206988755909243_2033046877_nThat’s where the idea of doing a morally wrong date came up, now I can’t take all the credit for this as my flatmate helped me come up with it and also set me up with one of her friends for a blind date, what a mean friend, great flatmate though!

Anyway here is the recap of the Morally Wrong Date I went on and tweeted about last night enjoy! 12204646_10206988757349279_206653240_n

So we had agreed over text to meet at 6pm at the Pizza Library, so
my first morally wrong act was to turn up late . . twenty odd minutes late. Walking up to her car she didn’t look impressed at all


We headed into the Pizza Library to order our meals, we ordered one of the huge American style pizzas and I get a beer. When it’s time to pay I haven’t got my wallet on me (morally wrong act number 2) Looking embarrassed she insists she will pay. At this stage I was feeling like a dick and was getting it on social media being called a bully and mean ( I’m really not).


Now the next thing to do throughout the whole date was to make no conversation, give one word answers and be on my phone the whole time.10575918_10206988757829291_198506399_n I started feeling awful around the time the pizza came out, this was clearly a lovely girl and she was trying so hard to talk to me. After what seemed like a good half an hour I jumped on tinder deliberately and made sure she saw it and fuck me she snapped!! She started having a go at me and while she was I was tweeting the whole conversation . . . until I got a little bit wet.

1 2


She started getting up to leave and I had to bring her in on the secret, at first she didn’t believe me but luckily I had told my flatmate to DM her on Facebook to say it was just a social experiment I was doing on twitter (Social experiment?! fuck me my flatmate made it sound bloody awesome). She laughed and said I was an A hole. We then had a proper date with me buying dessert and then we set off to the pub.



We had such a good time at the pub with her looking through my twitter feed laughing at all my tweets about our date. 9After sinking about half a dozen beers each (yes she drinks beer! dream girl) she put her hand on mine and suggested I tweet about that which of course I did. Things got a lot steamier from there onwards, we shared a few kisses on the empty balcony at which point I asked her if she wanted to come back to mine for a movie and to my amazement she said yes. This date had come full circle which was a big relief to me as she is such a cool chick.


Well we got into about a third of the movie in the spooning cuddle p12osition and you know what they say about spooning, it leads to a bloody good forking and that it did! She spent the night at my place with the only downside being that she snored the house down.

Well that was the recap of the morally wrong date, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did – T Mulligan

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