Live Tweeting My Date Recap

As a lot of you know yesterday I decided to tweet my date as it was happening using the hashtag ‘MulliganLiveDate’. Well it didn’t turn out as I would of hoped. Here is a recap of the date.

Firstly I thought I would send out a tweet to12092579_10206876570944689_1230658747_n see what Twitter thought I should wear and it came to the conclusion that the collared shirt was the way to go. I had met this girl off of Tinder and although we didn’t seem to have anything in common, she looked bloody smoking in her Tinder pictures.12047230_10206876570864687_902991967_n

12053369_10206876570784685_1388359978_nSo off I went to meet this Tinder chick, we had agreed on this really yum place at Mount Maunganui called ‘The Pizza 12092550_10206876570664682_1318353127_nLibrary’. In the back of my mind I was hoping she wasn’t a he, as I have met a dude posing as a girl off Tinder before. 12071876_10206876570624681_651371669_n

We had a quick look at the menu and both decided on the Hamlet Pizza which is basically a super fancy Hawaiian Pizza. We sat down and immediately she went on her phone texting and texting as if she didn’t even want to be here with me. 12048521_10206876570584680_1262934778_n12086951_10206876570464677_889084044_n

She finally got off her phone only to eat the pizza. At least I got a few words in, although it was as if I was taking to a fucking plant getting fuck all in return.12083810_10206876570424676_500933846_n She suddenly went to the toilet and left her phone on the table, a text came through on her phone and I suddenly had a big decision to make. Most people commented that I should have a glance at her phone, apart from Troy Spro who was more interested in if she was taking a shit or having a leak!12086745_10206876793350249_1014312241_nWell the text that came through was from a girl named Becca and it was super fucking rough,12053402_10206876570384675_1021118839_n I took a picture of the text and tweeted it.

Then suddenly another came through from the came rude bitch Becca, more brutal than the first one! This was so embarrassing. 12047816_10206876570144669_633310840_n

As I finished taking a photo of her phone and was just about to put it down she snapped me with it, “um excuse me what the fuck are you doing?!” holy shit that’s the most she has said all night. I told her I was curious as to who she had been texting this whole time as it sure seemed more important then fucking talking to me.12087472_10206876569904663_1800009445_n Half way through me explaining why I had her phone she was already back on it, she looked up and said “oh god sorry, my friends a bit of a bitch”12053108_10206876569824661_318527203_n Takes one to fucking know one love!

With that all said and done she suggested we end this date which I was more then willing to agree to. 12087480_10206876569784660_1291237812_nSo on my merry way I went off to a pub to find someone that wasn’t glued to their bloody phone and at about 10.30pm I found that person!



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