My First Product Review – QuickShot

This week I thought I would try something different and do a product review. If you read my blogs you will know you I won’t be doing a review on where to find the best bloody coffee around town or shite like that. No no no, in this post I will be reviewing the latest and greatest in the male sex toy industry made by the leader in the field; Fleshlight.

Now the standard sex toy that Fleshlight produce is simply called a ‘Fleshlight’. Now picture a big looking plastic flashlight casing; unscrew the top to find a flesh-like vagina, anus or mouth, moulded into the shapes of the worlds most famous adult starts such as Kayden Kross, Tori Black, Riley Steele and so on. 12032454_10206807471297241_1229689349_nWell these guys have gone and created a compact fleshlight that you can take anywhere called the Quick Shot. Now this one has the same amazing texture as the original Fleshlight but smaller. You can unscrew both ends and get your partner involved as unlike the original Fleshlight the Quickshot lets the top of your penis out and ready to unleash a money shot. The sensation is like nothing I have felt before; it feels like a real vagina and I only bloody last as long as I do with a real vagina – 30 seconds or so. I have finally found something better than my trusty hand!

Here are a couple of tips while using the Quick Shot:

Remember to give it a rinse after using it, nothing worse than going to use it two days later and smelling the wolfing stench of old semen lingering

If you have a female flatmate like me that doesn’t know you have one, make sure she isn’t home when you start watching porn and using it in the living room. It can get slightly awkward having to explain what you’re doing on her recently purchased couch.

I have something for all you readers of my blog locally here in New Zealand. Fleshlight was nice enough to give me a prize pack to give away to one of you! The pack includes a sweet Fleshlight T-shirt, sunnies, tissues and a Quick Shot which hasn’t even been released yet! All you have to do is flick me an email at 12053146_10206807470977233_1800277454_ngood blog to post come Wednesday.

Thanks for reading my first product review, checkout for a wide assortment of male and female toys including the Quick Shot which is getting released on the 1st of October, have a read of my latest blogs where I live tweet my dates, some good some bad and some bloody cringe worthy.

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