Getting my Asian Wings

For us guys there are different types of achievements called getting your wings, as it pertains to having sex an different acts, I will rattle off a few I can think of.

  • Brown Wings  – Anal Sex
  • V wings – Sleeping with a chick that’s a virgin
  • Red Wings – Sex while a girl is on her period
  • Vintage wins – When the chick is 20 years older
  • Flight Commander Wings – having a threesome
  • Squadron Commander Wings – 4 or more people involved in sex
  • Blue or Water wings – Sex in water
  • Asian wings – having sex with someone from an Asian Country

Two years ago I embarked on my mission to get my Asian Wings, looking back on it now I should have just gone to Auckland and got a cheap Asian prostitute but I guess hind sight is a marvellous thing!

Me and the boys decided to head out one night and instead of going to our normal drinking hole I convinced them to go to the CBD club as I knew there was a large contingent of Asians at this club. As we headed in I noticed a couple of potential girls on the dance floor. I approached them using the standard “How’s your night going?” opener. This always worked well for me. They responded with the typical “good thanks”. I chatted a bit with them, asking them how they like the place, etc. You might say I was having a typical nice-guy conversation. After a few minutes I left them so as not to be a weirdo and went back to my mates and chilled for a bit. I returned to them once more a while later and they were just about ready to leave. I decided hit on the taller one, the more attractive of the two girls. She was a pretty and petite asian girl. I got her name and number and wrote it on a piece of paper. Her name was Shino. I started texting her as soon as she left. She was much better at texting in English then she was at speaking it. She told me that we should meet up sometime. I asked her what was wrong with meeting tonight. It was still early, she agreed an texted me her address. She lived at the dorms at the Waikato University so she told me to text her when I was down stairs so she could let me in.

It was about 11.30pm by the time I got there, I texted her an she came down. We cuddled on her couch for a while. I proceeded to get her hot and bothered on the couch with my spirit fingers. I figured there was a possibility it could go all the way and the signs were looking good so far. I continued getting her worked up, rubbing her all over and kissing her neck. I got her bra off, thinking I was in with a grin. All of a sudden she said, “Please, no more clothes off”. I stopped there, sensing that I had gotten as far as I could. It was getting late, feeling defeated I decided to leave.

About a week later we set up another meet. This time she came over to my place. We watched a movie and snuggled on the couch. Afterwards we made out and got semi-naked. She said something about it being ok now. She took her panties off. I put on a condom and we had sex. It was a little awkward at first but it got better as I got more familiar with her body. I get asked if Asians are tight by my mates, and yes I can confirm she was extremely tight. The worst thing about having sex with her was she screamed as if I was murdering her! Seriously I had to always stop and ask her if she was ok. I would always get the reply “so good yes yes”. We met a few more times and the sex got pretty good. She was okay with it being a fling. She kept it a secret from her family, saying at one point “If my mother or father found out they would kill me!” As the school term ended so did our time together, as expected. I was a bit sad to see her go. I got the impression I could have easily become her boyfriend if I wanted. But it wasn’t my thing being the Casanova of Hamilton and all 😛 or the wannabe anyway.


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