Ways to talk to girls

Well its Friday evening here in New Zealand and before I pick up a beer and pretend to care what my mates are talking about,  I thought I would share a few techniques on how I have gone about picking up a girl. I have compiled a list of some ideas that I have put into play that have actually worked for me and hey, if they work for you guys great! I guess if any girls are reading this, this could be a list of what to look out for when a seedy guy with tattoo’s approaches you ;P

  • If the clubs really loud and you’re only looking for a hook up try a fake accent.

Wear something from the country whose accent you’re trying to pull off or if you’re lucky like me point to a tattoo of an Irish shamrock, and say you’re from Ireland!                                                   

  • Pretend you’re a fireman.

Going out in a volunteer fireman’s shirt helps. Girls LOVE a guy in uniform.


  • Make Tattoo Business cards.                                                                                                                                      

Make sure it’s in another region of New Zealand or where ever you are from. Hand them out to girls in the club; make sure it has your number on it. This is probably one of the best ways to get talking to a girl in a bar or a club – as long as you can spin a good story.

  • Shout a group of girls drinks all night.

I really don’t recommend this at all unless its $2 shots night then and only then splash out.59295_4701364103950_398422477_n

  • Go on a club tour in the city you are in.

Auckland has a fantastic one called ‘The Big Night Out’.  It’s targeted at tourists but anyone can go. For $25 they take you to all the best clubs as a group stopping at each one for a shot or a drink.


So there are a few things I have done or gone too that helped me mingle with girls. Truthfully just being confident and honest is the best bet for anyone. Unless you want to get a credit card and just buy them shit because we all know a way to a girls heart is a long road filled with jewellery!

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