Seduced by a Cougar and everything in between

Me, Tim and Hanz had been saving for a trip to Sydney for a while. There was a special deal going with Jetstar so we snapped up three tickets. We were getting so excited, three eighteen year old single boys going to party for a week in Sydney. As we got to the airport Tim confessed he was scared about flying, me and Hanz just played it off as a bit of a joke. We got through customs without a problem and brought 2 bottles of spirits each. As we waited for the plane I noticed Tim was really fidgety and couldn’t sit still, I didn’t say anything but I sure noticed it. We boarded the plane and as we sat there, the plane started its engine. I looked at Tim and he had his head in his hands. Me and Hanz were cracking up. As the plane took off Tim let out a slight whimper and started freaking out, we eventually calmed him down with some vodka. Poor guy was all sweaty and everything.

As we stepped out of the airport the intense heat hit me like a Mack truck, it was early September and it was so hot. We made our way to our motel which was right in the centre of china town. We immediately started to get ready to go out that night. We headed out to Kings Cross, a notorious part of Sydney made famous on the television show ‘Underbelly’. It was awesome and we went to a nightclub called ‘Candy’s Apartment’, it was pumping. Hanz was the first to hook up with someone followed closely by me. Tim was far too drunk, he had continued drinking after he had got off the plane. We ended up in Porky’s Nite Spot, Porky’s is part of the seedy side of Kings Cross and is famous for being one of those classic sleazy neon-lit titty joints. We sat in complete shock, there were titties sydney-party-porkysnitespoteverywhere. Being young and naïve we got hustled for our money pretty good by the strippers. Tim went all out tipping them, getting a private lap dance. He was completely in his element. Eventually we all got so worked up we had no choice but to go visit the local brothel. I couldn’t bring myself to pay for sex so I stayed in the waiting room. Tim and Hanz wanted the same girl so they decided to pay a bit extra to have a threesome with her. I waited for half an hour, they finally reappeared, Tim smiling from ear to ear and Hanz couldn’t stop laughing. I asked him what was so funny and he told me after he was done Tim went down on the prostitute. You don’t go down on a one night stand let alone a prostitute. It got worse though, she was just finishing her shift for the night so god knows how many other client’s she had had that night. Tim didn’t seem to care until the next morning where he was throwing up, regretting every single moment of it. I would have too if I had spent $600 Australian on strippers and a prostitute.

We did all the touristy things in Sydney. We caught two rugby league games which was probably the highlight of the whole trip. The atmosphere was incredible. We got to watch one quarter final game and one semi-final game at the Sydney football Stadium. The crowd is so passionate over there; I immediately a die-hard supporter after being in that crowd. I now live and breathe South Sydney Rabbitohs. tattoorabbitWe decided to get tattoos when we were out one night. I got the south Sydney mascot tattooed on my arm, a little bunny.


The last night of our trip we decided to to go out in style. We all had about a grand left so we went and brought suits. We went to the swanky posh night clubs that night. Hanz and Tim where giving me heaps because I was yet to sleep with someone. Suddenly this 40 something year old approached me and brought me a drink. Her name was Vanessa, she was a posh sophisticated women. She had long luscious blonde hair and unforgivingly blue eyes that felt as if they looked deep into mysoul.  Vanessa was a television producer for channel nine over there. Not to be out done I told her I was a song writer, she loved it. I could feel my mates envious eyes burning a hole in my head, I played it cool though. Vanessa invited me back to her apartment. She lived at the Sheraton, it was so flash, her room was on the 10th floor and had a great view. She showed me her boob job which looked amazing. We sat and cuddled for a while. I asked her why she didn’t have a boyfriend and she told me her husband had passed away several years ago and, although she occasionally went out, it always turned out to be disappointing. I started to get up and leave as I started to feel uncomfortable when she suddenly blurted out “Sean, I really like sex”. Somewhat startled by her remark, I sat back down and the only thing I could think of to say was “I really like sex too” She got up from her chair and came over to the couch where I was sitting. Kneeling with her legs outside of mine, she leant down and our lips met in a very tender kiss. Pulling back slightly she said “Would you like to have sex with me”? A slight smile came over my face. “Does that mean yes?” she whispered. I answered her question by pulling her forward to me,  kissing her as passionately as an eighteen year old could. For 10 minutes we had amazing sex. I could bullshit and say 20 minutes but it wasn’t 😛 .  Her screams of ecstasy drove me faster and faster. The only weird thing was I think she thought she was in a porno as she was saying some really porn-like sayings along the lines of: “I need you, Sean. Fuck me, baby.” And even “God, I love young cock” I tried so hard not to laugh as I don’t find it a turn on when girls talk dirty I find it slightly put on . In the end I couldn’t contain myself any longer an burst out in laughter but so did she. I had a great time and Vanessa did too . . . I hope. I got back to the hotel at 9 the next morning, my mates waiting for me to dish the dirt. I got the typical macho man type hi fives all around. This trip was amazing we had finally become men that didn’t need to rely on their parents, we talked about doing another one as soon as possible but it never eventuated as soon I got a girlfriend, Tim got a girl pregnant and Hanz fell of the face of the earth for several years.

5 thoughts on “Seduced by a Cougar and everything in between

  1. Have you suddenly become a writer too!!??!! Amazing peace of real life blog!!!! Coming from a male perspective on life, who is not a journalist, you write well. Thanks for sharing and keep up with your blog!


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